31. Jan, 2014


I often wonder how on earth I find the time to go to work, with so many characters vying for my attention. There are so many things that need doing and so many things I just want to do...and all before I start my shift as a nurse, on the ward. It’s almost like living two completely different lives. I AM two people, more perhaps! It’s no wonder we have the potential to develop a STRESSHEAD! And what happens when STRESSHEAD arrives? The TIME SNATCHERS get smug and it all becomes a vicious circle.
Remember; they come in many guises which we should all be aware of. Manage your time and you manage your life and you also escape the Time Snatchers crutches.
Despite the dark mornings, I get up an hour earlier and write. It can be hard at times but harder still if I don’t. My stories would go untold and my characters, who have been lifelong friends, would end their existence in a file marked incomplete!
Oh please don’t get me wrong, I’ve been attacked by STRESSHEAD and jumped upon by THE TIME Snatchers but I’m fighting back with nothing more than an extra hour in the morning! You can fight back too. Try it!