1. Feb, 2014

Don't you dare!

Thank God it’s Friday!
It would be so good to say to the Time Stealers...’Carry on! Help yourself to my time but close the door after you!’ Time to put a log on the fire and relax...Hmmm!
Despite the weekend being here, there’s much work to be done. Coops need cleaning out and fixing, a pond needs de-leafing and the greenhouses need sorting before the planting begins. There’s also the problem of the polecat who has taken up residence in the small shed. It thinks I don’t know he is there, but you can smell him a mile away. He will have to be caught and marched off the premises...It’s a protected species so I will be kind, but firm!
And then there is Mocha...our new rescued hen with multiple problems. She’s an old lady and the sole survivor of a fox attack which took the rest of her family. It appears there is a skulk of foxes roaming our village and their screams in the night can be quite scary, almost human. I almost called the police but realised in time that the predators were to blame.
Anyway, moving on, the vet suggested we keep Mocha in the house for a few weeks. Her toenails need filing and her feathers need dusting, as well as injections and a feeding regime. I don’t remember my nursing degree covering the nursing of hens, but it certainly helps when it comes to measuring out the doses and sticking the needle in the right place. And as I’m sitting here writing, the fire is glowing and three fat cats and a hen rest besides it.....Oh, and my husband is fast asleep on the sofa. It’s the calm before the storm.....Saturday is a busy day for us but for now, the Time Stealers can have my time....just while I have a rest.
See you tomorrow my friends!