28. Jan, 2014

Caught you!

The screams in the night seem to have stopped, but complacency on my part is what the fox is hoping for. But something that hasn’t stopped is the rain!
Despite the bad weather, we managed to do most of the chores, even chopping logs during a hail storm.
A lunch of homemade bread and soup made the prospect of going back out in the rain even harder. However, we did have a visitor from the farm who told us he caught two polecats and released them further afield.....phew! I only hope one of them was our unwanted guest in the little shed.
Mocha continues to roam around the house much to the amusement of the cats. One moment she seems bright and perky and then she sleeps. I guess at 7 years of age, she deserves a nap. A chicken will hide the fact it is ill until usually, it’s too late. Just a little tip!
Darkness is almost upon us but I have noticed the days lengthening....Oh I can’t wait for spring, despite the fact there will be even more work to undertake.