29. Jan, 2014

Our Sunday adventure

I love adventures and today we had a perfect one. After seeing to our hens needs, we headed for the beach to check what the high tide left behind. I’m not sure we were prepared for what we saw. With a mixture of high tide and wild winds, the serge of the sea wrecked havoc with the sand dunes leaving an almost unfamiliar beach. As we stumbled across the stones and boulders, once covered by sand, the roar of the waves echoed in the distance. The bones of an old shipwreck were more visible than normal (see above) causing an eerie sort of feeling and I imagined pirates emerging from the sea to claim the gold which, apparently, is hidden even deeper below the sand. Perhaps next time, I’ll get lucky!
Back at the home for waifs and strays, the fire still burns and the hens have enjoyed the wee bit of sun that showed itself. Friends called in and once again, I count my blessings.