4. Feb, 2014

When we fall....


Just like Humpty Dumpty, many of us will fall now and again...it's the getting back up that can be a bit tricky. I don't necessarily mean fall off or over something! One can fall to pieces with some problem or another. Somehow, we find the strength to get back up again....quite often, with the help of friends and family.

We have had many kinds of animals in our home for waifs and strays and I have learned so much from them. They sometimes fall, and when they do, they either seem to rally around one and other or they sit quietly until they feel strong enough to get up again. In many ways, they are like humans...they get strength from other animals who appear to encourage them.

Mocha, our house hen, has fallen many times and many times she has picked herself up and dusted herself down....but today was different. Today, Mocha couldn't pick herself back up, so I picked her up instead. I carried her out to the garden and took her down to the pond where we sat and watched the other hens scratching around. They saw her and gathered around us. Mocha died shortly afterwards, in my arms....she was 7 years old.

I will always remember Mocha for her strength and determination, even when she was very old. Goodnight my dear friend!