5. Feb, 2014

When a baby is born!

Whether a baby is biological or not, when someone decides to become a mother, the instincts appear to be the same...this goes for all animals, the human kind or hens.

‘Big Baby’ is the name we gave to a Buff Orpington hen that came to us 7 years ago. She had the sweetest nature of any hen I have ever seen. Every year she would go broody and sit on her unfertilised egg in the hope that 21 days later, she would produce a baby of her own. But the years passed and it never seemed the right time for us to have young chicks at our home for waifs and strays. Then last year, when she became ‘old’ all of a sudden, she still sat on her egg and waited....and waited...shouting at us if we attempted to take her egg away. It was painful to watch. So my dear, unassuming husband, who is very clever, had a plan. We put another home within the usual hens home and went in search of a chick to adopt.

Twilight was just 1 day old when we slipped her under ‘Big Baby’ after dark. The following morning we anxiously peeped in the coop to see the most wonderful sight..... and I cried! The picture says it all. Big Baby carried Twilight around on her back until she was too big. She was like a young hen all over again. Her dream had come true, and I’m so happy we didn’t let the time snatchers take her dream away.