6. Feb, 2014

Cutting the ties that bind us!

 I took time out today, to look at old photos from our 'home for waifs & strays' album. The memories came flooding back. Some were sad but still very memorable and always a boost on these dreary days. One particular photo made me smile and my heart flutter. Bluebell was an old hen we had taken in years before and was the most remarkable of all the hens we have ever had. She instantly became top of the pecking order and made this quite clear. Her cheeky and confident manner, always made us laugh.

Like all the other 'girls' Bluebell had her broody moments. During one particular broody time, we were asked to take in four, three day old orphaned ducklings. Again, we waited until after dark and slipped all four under bluebell....and waited with baited breath. After all, it was a lot to ask of a hen, to take four ducklings, under her wings. But to everyone’s amazement, she did. But it wasn't always easy. The ducklings grew and grew and grew until eventually they were four times the size of their surrogate mother. But Bluebell always kept them in check...until they took to the pond. Not quite understanding what had happened to her wayward brood, she struggled to cut the strings and let them go. She would watch them anxiously, shouting at them to come back...and for some time, they did as they were told. But there is a time to let go and eventually she did. Bluebell had done a fantastic job, now it was time to get back to normal....