9. Feb, 2014

Frog Patrol!

It’s that time of year again, the time when I dread driving in the rain. Well, I’m probably exaggerating a little (as writer’s often do) but January rains certainly cause a lot of anxiety in our home for waifs and strays. You see, our pond is home to many, frogs, toads and newts that use it as a yearly breeding ground. And when the rain comes in January, it sends a signal to our amphibian friends, to return to their regular pond to breed.  

      Preferring to travel in the rain, which prevents them from drying out, our little friends have to cross a deadly stretch of road that runs through our village.  I have spent hours (risking life and limb) helping these fascinating creatures to cross the road. It’s any wonder I’m not the one being squished!

     Now, my dear and unassuming husband, who is very clever, has come up with an idea. We will make signs, asking people to ‘slow down’ for frogs to cross. Meanwhile, he advised me to contact the environment agency to see if they can help. But because these little friends of ours are not in decline, there will be no urgency (I’m guessing) in doing something about it. So this leaves me with no other option, other than the posters, but to start a ‘frog patrol’ to help frogs cross the road so that nature can take  care of the rest.