8. Feb, 2014

Living in the moment!

Many of us are turning to meditation to help with concentration and living in the moment....so why not other animals?

In our home for waifs and strays, I have noticed that animals do indeed meditate. Our three cat’s seem to spend a lot of time staring into the fire and hardly notice when I enter the room. Our fish also appear to have ‘moments’ of looking as though they are in a trance. And on many occasions, I have seen the hens adding a touch of yoga to their meditation, by standing on one leg.

I recently joined a mediation group and instantly found that many people have minds just like mine. How can we possibly get the most out of life when our heads are spinning faster than a washing machine on full spin? So I survived the first lesson and indeed, I am now convinced that the cats, the fish and our dear hens have got the right idea.....they all live in the moment.