11. Feb, 2014

A beast of a bird!


I like surprises, but it was no surprise to see what my dear and unassuming husband (who is very clever) made for me. Well although it’s for me, it is really meant for the doves that practically live in our garden. It is a brilliant piece of work (although he would not say so himself) and the loveliest dovecote I have ever seen.

Despite all this wild and wet weather, spring is just around the corner, we hope! And when spring arrives, the birds will be looking for somewhere safe to nest. I will advertise my new dovecote by engraving the words...Rooms to let! No charge!

Our garden is home to hundreds and hundreds of wild birds and just last spring, a terrible thing happened. I came through the gate just in time to witness a beast of a sparrowhawk flying off with a ringed-neck dove...its feathers in a heap in the garden. It landed briefly on our little shed and turned to look at me with the beadiest of eyes....it was the most awful sight and I shall spare you any more details.

So, because my dear and unassuming husband is so clever, he made a home for the doves to make up for what happened.