16. Feb, 2014

The unwelcome visitor!

I felt sorry for him, despite the fact he was unwelcome.

My dear and unassuming husband was very clever to catch this uninvited guest. I say clever, but this underweight and obviously starving animal was delighted to see us when we opened our log shed today. After a feed of cat food, bacon and water, he fell asleep in a box close by.

'He can't possibly stay,' I said firmly, ‘even though he is very cute.' You see, ferrets like to chop off the heads of hens....and I can assure you, I prefer my girls with their heads on.

So we took the little fellow for a ride....to the hospital in the woods, for small animals.

'He is very underweight,' said the vet, 'probably released by its owner but unable to fend for himself.'

We left the wooden hospital which is run by volunteers, and felt happy that they would look for a suitable family for our unwanted but adorable guest.

Our home for waifs and strays is long-term for many and short-term for some...but nevertheless, it is a haven for everyone who stumbles upon  it. Even those who are unwelcome!