14. Feb, 2014

Is anybody there?

 There have been some strange noises in our home for waifs and strays.

It all seemed to start after Mocha died. Just to update those who didn’t follow Mocha’s story, she was our very old and poorly hen that died a couple of weeks ago. At night, we kept her in a spare room in the house....the same room where the strange noises seem to be coming from.

My dear and unassuming husband assures me that it’s the pipes making the noise. However, I am not convinced!  I am not sure he is either...I have the feeling he trying to stop my overactive imagination from conjuring up some sort of chicken ghost.

The noise, a sort of moaning, grumbling sound, can be heard any time of day and night. It even wakes me up.

I have tried hard to find out exactly where the noise is coming from and now I’m convinced it’s from Mocha’s old room.

Tonight, I have set a tape recorder to see if I can capture anything strange....like pipes or...well anything!

My dear and unassuming husband cannot believe I have taken this so far....but I am a believer in many things....and until he fixes the noise, I will continue the detective works myself. Keep posted!