18. Feb, 2014

Wake up!

Wake up! Spring is on the way....

Life at our home for waifs and strays will soon be a hive of activity. Don’t get me wrong, life here is always busy but this spring and summer will hopefully bring more guests (humans and other animals) so lots of preparation is needed. There are seeds to sow and walls to paint, sheds need repairing and jam jars need collecting. On the whole, there is a lot to do if we are to survive another year.

This will be the first time we have contemplated bed and breakfast for humans! It is really quite exciting!

Despite the wet weather, there is no time to wait for the sun to show itself. I am spending a good part of the day making a list....my whole life revolves around list making! There are seeds I need to order, herbs, flowers and vegetables. It’s always exciting deciding what to grow. We used to have our very own herb farm ....however, our lives were taken over by waifs and strays and children, of course, so we have had to adapt over the years.

There are jams to make, enough to last many months and I look forward to picking the fruit which is grown on Gower farms.

Friends of ours keep bees and I have considered doing the same.....but my dear and unassuming husband is not so sure....perhaps I will concentrate on the tasks at hand, before taking on too much! Oh, and not forgetting all the characters just waiting to leave the warmth of my computer! I’m coming!

So hurry up spring....Wake up! I haven’t got all day!