19. Feb, 2014

Bored characters!

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your computer?  And I don’t mean all the fiddly bits of electrical spaghetti and screws!

      As a writer of many things, I have begun to wonder what happens to my characters once I have switched off my computer. Do they rest until the next adventure? Or do they have adventures without me even knowing? Are they the culprits for changing the words around in my stories? For example, quite often when I am writing, the characters take on a mind of their own. They say things I would never have thought of let alone said. And they can be very cheeky, by introducing more characters without even asking me....Believe me, this happens quiet frequently.

     And do they get disappointed? This is the question I often ask myself these days. I have many stories on my computer and many wonderful characters just waiting to escape....But I blame the situation on the time snatchers.....but should I?

     It is up to me to spend my time wisely, but I can quite often find an excuse for not doing things I ought to be doing...such as seeing to the needs of my characters.

     Today, I will take one character out and nurture him/her until I am sure of where they are going.

    There is still all the work to be done at our home for waifs and strays, but sometimes, you have to tighten the reins and concentrate on things you have neglected.

    OK, so here it goes! I shall choose a story.... open it up slowly.... and see what hops out! If I’m not back tomorrow, then you will guess what happened to me....I was swallowed up by a bored character!