21. Feb, 2014

Seeing is believing!

Sometimes, seeing is believing and that's exactly what happened today.

I rushed home from a hard shift on the ward to let my dear hens out and into the sunshine. Yes, the sun was shining in Wales and in my excitement, I didn't even feel the earthquake tremor  (4.1) that hit the coast where I live.

Slipping on my worn out wellies, I hurried to make the most of the day. Everything appeared so different, as if someone had come into our home for waifs and strays and painted it a different colour then added a sprinkling of flavour to the air. A witch perhaps!

No, I haven't gone mad...well perhaps just a little...and I guess I was just a wee bit tired.

I called the 'girls' who chortled and chuckled all the way down to the pond with me. I noticed the snowdrops in clusters so delicate and yet so strong and the daffodils, soon to announce themselves to the world. I noticed the catkins hanging gracefully from the hazel tree and remembered that it got its name from the Dutch word katteken, meaning ‘kitten’, because of its resemblance to a kittens tail...But there was something else, I could hear it long before I could see it and I had heard that sound before!

Then I saw it! Aliens had invaded our pond...even the chickens were apprehensive. Dear readers please close your eyes for just one moment and imagine a witch’s brew, bubbling away in an old black caldron....Imagine the noise it makes...Plop! Plop! Plop! Bubble! Bubble! Bubble! Now open your eyes and I will tell you...that is exactly what the pond at our home for waifs and strays looked and sounded like today.

Well of course, I knew exactly what it was...but for a moment I was a child again and remembered when I first saw the frogs, breeding in our pond at home. I ran screaming into the house and shouted to my father that the school had dumped the uneaten tapioca into our pond...and not only that (I hardly stopped to breathe) they had mixed it all up with dead eyes! My father, bless his soul, left his experiment, to give me an awkward lesson in the reproduction of the amphibian world. He needn't have bothered of course, because I didn't believe a word he said. After all, I was just seven at the time.

I just had to take a photo for you all to see that I wasn’t imagining things! There were many eyes watching me and the girls, eyes that trusted us not to harm them. After all, I had helped them to cross the road safely. And there WAS something in the air today....and it’s called SPRING! Perhaps it’s a wee bit early, but it’s there, never-the-less...you just have to believe!