20. Feb, 2014

Slippery tales!

It moves slowly, but just try and catch it!

For the past few weeks I have woken to discover a slippery trail of another uninvited visitor. If he didn’t want me to catch him, then why leave a trail? And if he did want me to catch him, then why does he hide himself so well? I am calling it a male because surely, if it were a female, then it wouldn’t be so complicated...would it? Perhaps I should just call it....Slip!

Now Slip probably came in with a sack of logs we use on the fire....I spend a lot of time ‘knocking’ each log before I burn it, not wanting to be a killer of a living thing! My dear and unassuming husband says nothing during this ritual, but I know what he is thinking! Like me, he has also turned the room upside down to find the evasive Slip and I am beginning to wonder (by the amount of trails) if Slip, has indeed, an accomplice!

I know that the sheer mention of slugs to most people would evoke a weird scrunched up face which almost spits! But I cannot help my fascination with any creature that is living. My brother also had a similar fascination, though in a completely different way. His facination was for all creatures....dead...purely for scientific reasons, of course!

As children, I would be the one rescuing the animals we would find dying in the woods around us. I would carry them home and tend to their wounds. My brother would reluctantly help with this procedure but I knew what he was waiting for....the poor animal to die!

Just like my father, my brother loved to experiment and burying dead animals was one of his pastimes. He would wait for one of my ‘patients’ to die, bury it, then dig it up weeks later, to work on it. This must sound awful to some of you, I know, but it’s what a young scientist, such as my brother, liked to do. After all, we were very young and lived in a family where the ‘creative mind’ was encouraged.

So whilst my father mixed and produced alarming sounds from his ‘workshop’, known more commonly as our home, my brother would excavate one of the graves and set about ‘re-building’ the poor deceased animal.

As for me, although I never experimented as much as my father and  brother, I did indeed do experiments of my own. I had, and still have, a curious mind, and at the time there were minimal resources to help in the animal hospital that I had created in an old stable at the end of the garden. I did a lot of improvisation and perhaps that is how I eventually became a nurse. I often wondered if I should have become a vet but I always come to the same conclusion....we are all animals!

As for you Slip, I will catch you soon, just as I will discover what is causing the strange noises in our home for waifs and strays...I wonder if there is any connection!!!