22. Feb, 2014

Our Pop Up Cafe

Throughout the summer months, you will often find me helping in my families pop up cafe. Although it is hard work, I always look forward to these special days. My dear and unassuming husband stays at our home for waifs and strays, where there is always an endless amount of work to be done.

      We normally use a village hall close to the sea and advertise well in advance. Our ‘old fashioned’ tea room has an atmosphere of times gone by, with food made especially to suit. There is much laughter and chit chat as we prepare the tables with white cotton cloths and a candle in the centre of each one. The buntings we have made (hours of fun) hang cheerfully around the room and outside, a colourful banner announces our arrival.

     It has taken a long time to collect all the right items for the cafe and most of that time was spent scouring charity shops and jumble sales. I have to admit, that I often came out with more than just vintage teapots, cake stands and odd cups and saucers.

     The family work so well together, another blessing I always count. We know in advance what job is allocated to us and no-one ever seems to complain...well maybe just a little! Someone will make the sandwiches (fresh to order) and someone will make endless teas and coffees. Someone, very important, will take care of the cakes (many of them) and take the orders off the designated waitress, which is usually our dear friend Joan. I have to add that this started off as my job but because I talked too much, I was ‘sacked’ and now I usually work in the kitchen....where, I’m sure, most of the talking is done anyway!

      It gives us all great pleasure to see people enjoying the food we have so carefully prepared and served in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. And although we make very little money from it, the reward is in the time we have spent together. I would say that communication is the key to our survival as a close family and the desire to make the most of our lives.