22. Feb, 2014

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

Being a child of an eccentric father, and encouraged to run free, I welcomed a long weekend at the Buddhafield Festival in Somerset, last year. Once again I belonged in a community which is drawn to nature and the beauty of the natural world. It reminded me so much of my childhood and it was a reminder of how easy it is to let ‘life’ dominate the ‘life’ we want to live.

       At our home for waifs and strays, it appears to many, harmonious and a simple way to live, but it takes a lot of effort to sustain this type of lifestyle. My very dear and unassuming husband works very hard to keep our home in good order, using recycled products as much as possible. In the kitchen, I cook as naturally and organically as possible....but I still have a lot to learn!   

       Living as simply as we can, brings a lot of satisfaction, but one also needs to think the same way....if that makes sense! We all want or long for material things and get disappointed if we cannot have them. Learning to live without these often unnecessary items can be achieved and will bring a lot of positive satisfaction. It’s all about changing the way we think.

       At Buddhafield, I saw many ‘like minded’ people who were trying hard to find pathways to an ‘earthier’ way of life and to a more sustainable future. We gathered in workshops and around campfires, serenaded by a variety of musicians.

     At the end of those four wonderful days, I felt revitalised and took home with me an even greater determination to live as simply as possible.....Well, I'm still working at it!