24. Feb, 2014

“To assume is to presume.”

A phone call from my neighbour today, made me grab my camera and run. You see, in her garden were six pheasants...all female. I knew instantly that they were girls, due to their dull colour. The males are much more attractive with a golden plumage.

      ‘’I thought you’d be interested,’ she said excitedly. And I was. But I was also a wee bit concerned, as I know that these girls were bred to be hunted.

       I took some photos of these exotic looking creatures and thought about how far they were from their natural home in South East Asia. I stayed awhile and chatted about the goings on at our home for waifs and strays and the world in general. But the reason for this story is about to come.....

       A little while after the visit to my neighbour’s house, I received a texted message....this is exactly what it said....

      I was in the shed and suddenly heard, what appeared to be explosive noises! Oh my God, they are shooting the pheasants!!!!!! Then I listened more carefully and realised it was your dear and unassuming husband chopping wood. Oh the relief. You make a relationship with a pheasant when you feed it!

      I have to say I laughed. My dear and unassuming husband was totally unaware of the anxiety he had caused and I laughed again at the realisation that my neighbours are also reading about the daily goings on at our home for waifs and strays.

      As for the dear pheasants, perhaps I ought to put up a sign saying, this way to safety!