27. Feb, 2014

No place like home!

Just like Winnie the Pooh, I never like to be away from home for too long. This is a strange thing for a person who is very much a free spirit and was brought up to be as free as a bird or a rabbit.

Take today for example. It was busy from the time I got up and only now I have stopped. And just look at the time!

I spent most of the day shopping for things I desperately needed, like food for my dear and unassuming husband, and also food for the rest of the animals. I had to collect straw, corn, pellets and all sorts of things. My car was full to the brim. Then I had people I had to visit who just ‘needed to talk’ and I just had to sit and listen. You wouldn’t believe how hard this is for a person like me! Well I can tell you, I was worn out by the time I pulled up outside our home for waifs and strays.

As I opened the arched gate into the garden, I sighed with relief. This I always do, every time I arrive home. Music filled the air as I was instantly greeted by a chorus of birds, hundreds of them, all living in our hedges. I am convinced that my dear and unassuming husband and I feed the whole neighbourhood of sparrows, as well as many other types of birds, some quite rare.

       And then there were the girls, all pleased to see me (or rather, to see if I had anything interesting to eat!) and I was equally delighted to see them too! We walked past the pond together and I noticed that it was bubbling again...with even more frogs. I smiled and thought how I lucky was I?

      By the time I had reached the kitchen door, the stresses of the day had vanished....I was home!