28. Feb, 2014

The Egg Stealer!

‘No eggs?’ I said, as I lifted the lid on the coop and peered inside. This was very strange, very strange indeed.

     My dear and unassuming husband was very calm when I told him and he said it was the weather, but I did not believe that at all. Hens lay eggs, even in the rain, I replied, but he still didn’t look concerned.

     Well that was yesterday and today was exactly the same. I was sure someone was stealing our eggs, but who?

     All day, I have spent trying to find out what happened to the eggs. I became suspicious of everyone, including the postman....but he seems a very nice person and not someone who would steal eggs. Then I realised that postmen don’t deliver on Sunday’s, so he was in the clear. But everyone else was guilty, unless proven innocent...as far as I was concerned.

     I searched the grounds around our home for waifs and strays but I couldn’t find any proof that there had been an intruder. But there had been one, I was sure of it. They were crafty, whoever they were, and I would trust no one until I found the culprit.

     Well find them I did and what a surprise when I discovered who the cunning little thieves were........they were no more than my own dear hens! Well at least one hen, a new hen, who had a liking for eggs. Well that was that, we will deal with the problem one way or another but will probably try to collect the eggs as soon as they are laid... bit tricky but can be done.

     What about my distrust of everyone? I would make a terrible lawyer, if I had the mind to be one....which I don’t, not at all! Well next time anything goes missing from our home for waifs and strays, I will search for the obvious first, before becoming suspicious of anything and everything that moves.