5. Mar, 2014

The talk of the village!

Something very funny happened to-day, and it will make me smile for a long time to come!

     It all began when I walked down to the village shop to post a letter. There were a few ladies talking just outside and hushed when I approached.

     ‘How’s your dear and unassuming husband?’ said one lady, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

     ‘I hear he’s also very clever!’ said another.

     ‘He’s very well,’ I replied smiling back, ‘and yes, he is very clever, very clever indeed!’ It was all very confusing! How did these women know about my kind and unassuming husband? I frowned and looked at them suspiciously. They certainly didn’t look the type to use computers, let alone know what a blog page was. I can only imagine that word had got around. After all, it is just a small village where hardly anything goes unnoticed.

     I posted my letter and entered the shop to buy some milk.

     ‘Good morning!’ said the usually shy gentleman behind the counter, who hardly ever says a word, so you can see why I looked surprised. ‘And how is your kind and unassuming husband these days?’

     I sort of half screwed up my face and nodded. ‘Very well thank you!’ I replied in a voice that didn’t quite sound like mine and quickly paid for the milk and left the shop. Thankfully the women had moved on, so no more questions. But it didn’t end there. Oh no!

     Just as I reached the gate to our home for waifs and strays, I met the postman. He smiled a huge smile and I thought he had something delightful to give to me or to tell me, but all he said was, 'how’s your kind and unassuming husband these days?’ and grinned some more and nodded like a puppet. I actually smiled and nodded like a puppet back, in disbelief! So this is why he takes so long delivering the mail, I thought.

     ‘The whole village is talking about your tales and hoping you will write about the village folk too!’ said the postman. ‘I was wondering if you will be writing about me!'

     ‘Perhaps,’ I replied as I opened the gate. ‘But you will have to wait and see.’

     So I have written about some of the people in the village, but I will have to be careful what I say! For me, this could prove quite difficult, as one or two of you already know!