7. Mar, 2014

The 4 o'clock bed!

There is such a thing as the 4 o’clock bed and it’s right here at our home for waifs and strays.

     Every morning as I make the bed, a queue of cats wait patiently for me to finish....when I say a queue, I mean just three, Rosie, Lupin and Cat!

     It is the strangest thing, because they have done this every day for many years. As soon as I have finished, they jump up on the bed (miles apart) and go to sleep....until 4 o’clock.

     This you might think, is not a very good tale, but I can tell you that what makes it so odd is the fact they leave the bed at 4 o'clock and dutifully go down to the bottom of the garden, past the pond, and wait...and they will stay there until my dear and unassuming husband returns at 4.35 sharp...he is not like me at all, and sticks to times. I am usually late for everything...work excluded!

     So I am always curious as to what goes on in cat’s heads. How do they know it is 4.o’clock? Yes, it is very curious indeed. And when my dear and unassuming husband returns to see his beloved cats waiting for him with such adoration, it makes me frown...you see, I am the one who goes shopping for their food and I am usually the one who feeds them. But this is of no consequence to our cats. What is important, is the fact my dear and unassuming husband gives them his time. Despite his arms aching and he is probably very tired after a hard day, he will always cuddle each one it turn....then he will light the fire for them to sit in front of and meditate. In the meantime, I am almost meditating watching this whole scenario...every day of the week.

     Perhaps I should start purring too!