10. Mar, 2014

Holy Frog!

Holy Frog! That’s exactly what I thought as I strolled past the pond this evening. I have never seen so many eyes peeping out of the water and croaking like a revved up engine. It was amazing to see and to hear.

     I stood for a moment to look at the eyes and noses on top of their heads, their bodies immerged in the water. I am not a herpetologist but I find these amazing creatures so intriguing. Did you know that some frogs have heart shaped pupils and that they can only see in black and white? I wondered what they thought of me as I stared back down at them!

     These dear frogs could be as much as fourteen years old or more. It is possible to check their age by counting the rings around its body, just like a tree. These appear every time they hibernate.....I wouldn’t advise it though...poor frogs!