12. Mar, 2014

It's later than you think!

Life is like the rolling hills of Wales, it goes up and down, round and round...and we never quite know what’s on the other side...

     Once again I took the road less travelled, on my way back from the old market town of Carmarthen yesterday. Not the same road as last week but another road I have never travelled on before. Again, I was sure it would take me to where I needed to go....to my dear and unassuming husband, who would be waiting for me at our home for waifs and strays.

     The lanes rose up and dipped and twisted like a ride at a fairground. Occasionally, I could see the sea glistening in the distance and I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach....all over me in fact.  A feeling of great contentment!  

      I stopped the car after dipping down into a valley where a river meandered through a very old oak wood. As I stood on an ancient stone bridge, watching the water flow merrily over sun dappled stones, I thanked God (or anyone who was listening) for allowing me to have this day...this life, which I love and yet is so vulnerable...as I should know and I will tell you why!

     To-day was quite different, today I was almost killed (well maybe that’s a wee bit dramatic but you get the picture!)

     Once again, I was on my way to the market town of Carmarthen for something quite important. And once again, I was enjoying the day, though not the busy morning traffic. You see, to get there, I always travel the fastest way...it’s the getting back that I enjoy the most...when the work is done and I can just enjoy the countryside....that is why I always take the road less travelled upon. I came to a stop at traffic lights (which were red of course) and just happened to look in my rear view mirror. There was a big black car racing down the road behind me and I was sure they would stop....but they didn’t. I don’t even think they saw me. Well the rest you can guess...they ploughed into me with such a force I thought my senses had all departed and left me in a trance....but only for a minute. I got out and saw that their brand new car was in a horrible mess and my old faithful was hurt but I could drive it home.

      ‘It’s all my fault...I wasn’t concentrating!’ said the driver. ‘I had so many things on my mind!’  I said a few things back, which went a little bit like this....

      ‘You could have killed us both! You could have ruined both our families! You could have made me miss out on all the wonderful things I enjoy and live for and the wonderful things to come....Think! Before you ever set foot in a car again...THINK! Set off earlier if you have too and with a clear mind...if possible!’

      I think she got the message and hopefully she will THINK in future of all the lives she could have ruined....for one moment of absentmindedness!

      After a trip to the hospital and eventually back home to the place and the people which I could so easily have lost....I took a deep breath and thought how vulnerable life is...how easily it can be taken away...enjoy it while you can my friends...it’s later than you think!