13. Mar, 2014

Mouse in the House!

‘It’s dead!’ said my kind and unassuming husband, as I walked into the room.

     I looked down at the lifeless creature on the floor, gently touching it with my toes...I had socks on at the time. It certainly looked at if the cat had done a good job of killing the poor mite. But then its foot twitched!

     ‘It’s playing dead!’ I said and began to clear the room of its enemies, three wilful cats just desperate to play. In an instant, I called him Jako!

     Now being the clever and unassuming husband that he is, a plastic milk bottle soon appeared with the side cut open like a door.

     ‘What a clever idea,’ I said to him and picked up the now lifeless Jako and placed him inside on a clean piece of kitchen towel.

    We put the makeshift hospital in a safe place and went about our evening chores.

    An hour later, I checked on Jako to discover he lived to tell the tale and was sitting up looking at me. We eyeballed each other for a minute or two (he was very cute) then decided it was safe to let him go.

    My kind and unassuming husband and I carried Jako (who was still in the milk bottle) to the field across the road. As usual it was a pleasure to watch an animal we thought would die, run free. It didn’t look back, they hardly ever do. I wondered if he realised that we had saved him.

    A little tip for Jako, it’s later than you think! Keep your tiny ears up and never trust a cat...even if it just wants to play!