15. Mar, 2014

Just me and the moon!

Before going to bed this evening and before deciding what I would write a tale about, I walked down to the pond and watched the reflection of the moon in the still water.

     A watery moon, I thought.  A moon shrouded in mystery.

     There was something magical about standing alone in the garden of our home from waifs and strays, especially when the village was fast asleep. Even my kind and unassuming husband was nowhere to be seen. There was just me and the moon.

     I stood there for a few moments just meditating; I suppose you could call it. Is there anybody out there? I wonder. Are we alone in the universe? I doubt it...I doubt it very much.

     But for tonight, I wanted it to be just me and the moon.....the watery moon at that. The same moon that lighted the garden path and shone on the slug that slithered by my feet....We were no longer alone!  It was Slip the Slug...I knew it was him as I caught him earlier, making his way across the living room carpet. He was long and fat and pale in colour....it was definitely Slip! For those who haven’t followed the bedtime tales, Slip is a slug who has been living in the house for weeks....until now!

     I let Slip go by and looked back at the moon. The air was chilly and fresh. I pulled my scarf around my shoulders. Something moved in the pond...a frog...many frogs...gliding effortlessly in the water. Something scurried in the hedge, a mouse perhaps, maybe Jako had come back. Anyway, we were not alone, we never would be...I’ve changed my mind, I wouldn’t want to be alone with the moon!