17. Mar, 2014

Birds Aloud!

The music that comes from our hedge every day of the year is breathtaking. This is no exaggeration.

     Ask anyone in our village, ‘where have all the birds gone?’ and they will promptly reply, ‘in the hedge that surrounds the home for waifs and strays!’     

     I once tried to count them (very roughly of course) and gave up when I reached four hundred. There were many, many more than that. Even my kind and unassuming husband is amazed at the amount of tiny heads that peep out from the hedge when they think we aren’t looking...but we always are!

     This incredible choir of birds, consists of chaffinch, goldfinch, coal tit, magpie, thrush, sparrows, black birds, robin, wood pigeon, ring necked doves, seagulls, crows, buzzard, sparrow hawk and the wonderful red kite...and others that visit from time to time. How lucky are we?

      I will endeavour to record them one day soon, so you can hear them for yourselves.

      How wonderful it is to be woken by our very own choir, every morning....and to go to sleep, knowing they are still there, somewhere in our hedge.