18. Mar, 2014

The best things in life are free!

The most amazing present my kind and unassuming husband ever bought me...was an old campervan. I can’t remember ever being so excited...over a material item! But come to think of it, I seem to get excited over many things.

     This old campervan has brought us many happy memories and hours and hours of fun. Our happy van, we call it. We have travelled as far as the Lake District in the north, and Lands End, in the south. Scotland and Ireland are next...can’t wait! But as a child, our holidays were just a wee bit different.

      I grew up in an area of outstanding natural beauty so my parents saw no need to go anywhere else for our holidays. We spent a lot of time wild camping, in the valley close by our home. We would carry our very old tent, pots and pans, down through the woods to the river. We never had sleeping bags or pillows, so as soon as the tent was up, we would gather arms full of grass to sleep on and then set off to catch our supper. My father taught us how to catch trout, by tickling their tummies. This is not something I cared for nor had the patients for and I would wonder off to pick the wild leaves to eat with the fish.

      I can remember how it felt, lying there in the darkness, listening to the owls all around us. Somewhere in the distance a farm dog would howl and I imagined that wolves were about to attack. My father always fuelled my imagination by agreeing that these wild creatures certainly existed and quiet often we would try to track them down.

      The campfires were my favourite, watching my father rub sticks together until they sparked. This always fascinated me but again, I had no desire to do this myself. Perhaps I was a lazy child, I don’t think so, I like to think my creative abilities lay somewhere else.

      When the supper had been eaten and the embers of the fire still glowed, my father would play his harmonica....those moments were the most memorable of all my childhood.

       The best things in life are free, or they certainly were, when I was a child.