21. Mar, 2014

"Let's have a cwtch!"

Since the death of her surrogate mother, young Twilight has become quite a madam!  

     Many of you will remember her story, of how she would climb on her mother’s back and be carried around the garden..... until she was too big of course! Well since her mother died (probably of a broken back, only joking!) Twilight is often to be found on our kitchen door step. She waits for the door to open then swoosh’s in like she owns the place. She knows full well where the grapes are kept and the cat’s food.

     Well yesterday, I didn’t see her on the step and it rained and rained all day. By the time I did see her, the poor hen looked like a drowned rat.

     ‘That is what you get for being greedy, young lady!’ I said, quickly scooping her up in my arms. ‘Let me give you a cwtch!’ I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. To all those who have no idea what ‘cwtch’ means, it’s Welsh for a cuddle or safe place.

     As I child, I always went to my grandmother for a cwtch. This was easy to do as she lived with us.  I remember she kept an old welsh  blanket over the arm of her chair and together we would snuggle beneath it. She would sing a song in Welsh, called Myfanwy. I remember only too well the last time we cwtched beneath that shawl and giggled because I was really too big. I told her I was leaving home but I would be back one day. Despite being just 15 years old, I said I had to go! And just once more I wanted her to sing me our favourite song....some of it went like this.....

          Myfanwy, may you spend your lifetime, beneath the midday sunshine’s glow, and on your cheeks O may the roses, dance for a hundred years or so. Forget now all the words of promise you made to one who loved you well, give me your hand my sweet Myfanwy, but one last time to say ‘farewell’

       It was many years later before I returned home and thankfully my grandmother was still alive.

       So I cwtched my dear drenched hen in my arms and sang Myfanwy to her.....in welsh of course!

       To those who would like to hear this wonderful song, please search .....

       Myfanwy - Neath Choir (Welsh-English Lyrics) on You Tube.