26. Mar, 2014

You hairy cow!

I just had to stop the car and look at it.

     ‘Good morning you hairy cow,’ I said as I grabbed my camera and opened the door. There wasn’t much of a response, just a glare.

      'No offence,' I continued bravely, 'you are rather beautiful...really!'

     They’ve been on the moors near our home for waifs and strays for a few years now and yet every time I see them it’s like seeing them for the first time. They fascinate me with their thick double layer of orange hair and horns so long they could pin a full grown man to the wall. But I wasn’t afraid, despite its eyes boring into mine.

       Just a few metres away were a herd of wild ponies and cobs, though many are just left untamed until mature enough to be broken in. Like the cows, they graze on brambles and gorse on one of the most beautiful places on earth.

       I noticed sheep with their newly born lambs close by and for awhile, I was mesmerised by the picture it all made. A cry above made me look up...it was a red kite, its wings the colour of autumn fuelled my imagination. I knew in an instant what I would be painting when I arrived home.