26. Mar, 2014

In the doghouse!

Remember the days when the sun used to shine? Remember when it used to get so hot we didn’t know what to do with ourselves? Well here’s a cat who knows what to do.

     Just look at him! He belongs to my kind and unassuming husband who has seriously spoilt him, so much so, he thinks he's human. Not that humans hang round inside bird houses (well none that I know of anyway) but they do have the tendency to do daft things.

     ‘You’re far too big for that!’ I remember shouting at him when I looked out of the window and saw him hanging there....but he was far too hot and pleased with himself to even look up at me. Thankfully, there were no birds feeding on the table at the time.

      This is the same cat (Lupin) who gets off the 4 o’clock bed at exactly that time and waits by the gate for his daddy...my kind (and far too soft) and unassuming husband. They have a language all of their own and one I have no intention of learning. It sounds worse than that of the auctioneer who took great enjoyment in watching me bid against myself and sold me cockerels instead of egg laying hens!

      However, I will give the three of them this.....they have all have made me laugh. They have given me things to talk about and I will talk about them for a long time to come.

      But for future reference dear Lupin, you will be in the doghouse if you climb up the birdhouse every again!