29. Mar, 2014

Birds behaving badly!

‘Come on out little wormy, I’m going to eat you!’ said the seagull charmingly, to the unsuspecting worm.

      The wee little worm didn’t hear the voice of the big bad bird, it only heard the pitter patter of its feet. Thinking that the rain had come, the wee little worm raised its head from the ground and......well you can guess what happened!

    Love them or hate them, seagulls are taking over the world...or at least the seaside. They wake us in the morning with their screeching and screaming and although my kind and unassuming husband detests the creatures, calling them scavengers, I find them quite fascinating.

    I looked out of the window one day and saw a seagull dancing on the lawn. It was really quite amusing. At first, I didn’t realise it was trying to fool the worm below that it was raining. Many a poor worm will eventually succumb to the tease and became another victim in a world full of greedy predators.  But I still cannot bring myself to curse this, or any other creature...well not for long anyway!

    Although having a slightly imperfect reputation, the seagulls make wonderful parents. They pair for life and will take turns, caring and feeding for their chicks. Surely this must give them some points, plus the fact that many of these extremely intelligent birds live up to twenty years or more.  

    In Native America, the seagull represents a carefree attitude, versatility and freedom. Perhaps that is why I sympathise with these black listed creatures and their way of life....although I do not condone much of their cunning behaviour.

    And to end the tale I began....

    ......I ran from the house and rescued it!