2. Apr, 2014

Squatters rights!

Two magpies sat on top of a high tree and watched in horror as squatters took over their home.         

       ‘I can’t believe it,’ said Maggie, ruffling her black and white feathers, ‘they’ve stolen our home!’

       ‘It took us eight years to get it perfect,’ cried Morys, ‘eight long years!’

       ‘Don’t upset yourself,’ said Maggie, trying not to let her feelings show, ‘we can build a new home in the valley or somewhere away from those black devils!’

        Morys shook his head and looked at his wife. ‘But I will have to do all the work,’ he said frowning, ‘whilst you sit and watch!’

        Maggie turned her head away, she knew it was true. Anyway, she thought, it would be her job to clean their new home and look after their chicks.

        They continued to watch...and hope...that their home would fail the test and the crows would fly away.

       This is exactly what happened today at our home for waifs and strays. Even I looked shocked to see the devil dark crows (or perhaps jackdaws) take over the magpies nest. There was nothing I could do of course, but hope that the decoration would not be to their taste and they would leave. But time passed and they didn’t go, in fact they looked quite happy with their new home. They did not care about the owners watching them from above and I had the feeling that if the shoe were on the other foot, perhaps Maggie and Morys would have done the same thing. Nature is very strange and so is life in general.

       Don’t worry Maggie and Morys, there is still room available in our dovecote!