3. Apr, 2014

When you come to the end of a not so perfect day!

It’s rather late and certainly later than I thought it was, to think up a bedtime story. But as I’m sitting here looking out at the darkness, the words ‘bedtime story’ bring back memories of my unusual childhood.

     I hardly ever had to be reminded that it was bedtime. I couldn’t wait to get under the covers with my torch and a book. It was my escape at the end of every day, whether is was perfect or not.

     Quite often as I began to read, I would hear my father playing the violin or his harmonica. It became a way of life, a bedtime story in music. I would close my book, switch off my torch, nestle down and listen. Sometimes he would sing Puff the magic dragon, probably because we lived by the sea. But mostly he would sing sad songs and when he did I would sometimes cry myself to sleep. No, not because his voice was awful, but because he sang songs with meaning and I began to see that there were stories in these songs too.

     Now going back even further, my father’s mother (my grandmother) used to tuck her children up in bed (all eight of them) and play the piano in the hall downstairs. She played and sang the same old tune every evening, my father once told me. It was called, ‘When you come to the end of a perfect day’. I have found the words and put them here for you to read. But before that, I would like to say that not all days end perfectly, sometimes that is how it is. Remember though, that tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning, look at it from a different angle and enjoy.

When you come to the end of a perfect day
And you sit alone with your thought
While the chimes ring out with a carol gay
For the joy that the day has brought

Do you think what the end of a perfect day
Can mean to a tired heart
When the sun goes down with a flaming ray
And the dear friends have to part?

Well, this is the end of a perfect day
Near the end of a journey too
But it leaves a thought that is big and strong
With a wish that is kind and true

For memory has painted this perfect day
With colors that never fade
And we find at the end of a perfect day
The soul of a friend we've made