4. Apr, 2014

Mrs Merula!

I looked out of the window today and saw a most inspiring sight.

     There were a few birds, jackdaws, magpies, sparrows, all collecting bits of twigs to build their nests. But what really caught my eye was a blackbird. She was obviously new to the game for she struggled to get it right (I know that she is female because she is a sort of brownish colour). Now I have discovered that Turdus Merula is Latin for blackbird so let’s call her Mrs Merula!

      Mrs Merula had managed to collect a sizable bundle of scrappy bits and pleased with herself, zoomed up in the air. But no sooner had she zoomed up when she zoomed straight back down, still clinging onto her bundle. Well actually, she was pulled down by a piece of grass that was still attached to the ground.

      Poor Mrs Merula was determined to take that piece of grass with her so she tried again. But once more, she was pulled to the ground. Her eyes were wide and her tiny heart must have been beating like crazy. But she continued to persevere as I watched helplessly. Of course, I wanted to run out and snip the stubborn piece of grass but I knew that it would be a waste of time.

      I could empathise with Mrs Merula, as I too have often struggled to do something or another and sheer determination (or bloody mindedness) has forced me to persevere. This often brought results but at other times has got the better of me. It’s knowing when to push yourself that little bit harder or stopping before going too far.

     Well Mrs Merula knew when to stop and cut her losses. She secured her bundle (minus the grass) and took off in a flash to a nearby tree.

     Well done Mrs Merula, I look forward to seeing you with your family, in the near future.