8. Apr, 2014

The sound of music!

Work carried out at our home for waifs and strays is not just a means to an end, it’s a way of life for myself and my kind and unassuming husband. Life is never boring as every day almost always brings a new challenge.

      Not only do we have animals to look after, but we also have guests from time to time. These are people from all over the world. At the moment, we have two young travellers from Australia, who are also musicians.

      Suddenly, the house is filled with singing and laughter. The piano has been dusted down and my guitar is breathing new life. I too, have been taking in the energy that these young people have brought with them whilst my kind and unassuming husband disappears to his man cave in the garden.

      Whilst listening to them, I recall the days I too travelled across the globe with my guitar slung over my shoulder. It seems like yesterday. I wrote lyrics and music and although I am not much of a singer, I loved to sing wherever I went.

       Now isn’t this very strange? Wherever I went in the world, people seemed to know the song ‘Streets of London’ and now as I settle to write my bedtime story, I can hear them in the room above (yes, Mocha’s old room) and their beautiful voices are singing that same old song.  For awhile I sing along too, as I gaze out at the darkness. I hear the footsteps of my kind and unassuming husband coming up the path and I smile. The years have passed since my carefree days, when I lived a thousand lives, but I think I am happiest at this very moment in time.

      Now please, no ghostly noises coming from Mocha’s room tonight and Jake and Jako, please don’t visit while our guests are here!