12. Apr, 2014

Grow your own medicine!

How different life is when the sun shows its pretty little head!

     Sitting in the window of our home for waifs and strays, writing or painting is so much better when the sun shines. I look out and can see endless things to inspire me. Today I saw a pair of my old wellies and a pot of newly grown herbs. It’s that time of year again, I thought, the time when everything starts to grow, even the weeds.

     I really enjoy growing herbs and once had a field full of almost every herb you could think of. Today, I grow them mostly in pots. It’s a lot less work.  

     Many of us would like to open our kitchen door and pick a handful of herbs to add to our cooking. Or just to breath in the aromatic smell that floats up to greet us. It’s easy enough to do. Let’s take a look....

     Write a list of the herbs you would like to grow. Probably the ones you like to use or just to smell. I do both.

     Some herbs have no patience at all and grow fast, so you would be better off growing them at intervals. Here are a few of them: - Parsley, Dill, Chervil, Coriander and Basil. Some of the slower, easier going herbs are Thyme, Sage, Mint, Sorrell, Chives and Fennel, plus many more.

     Herbs, like most humans, prefer the sun but I have discovered that many, such as Parsley and Chives, will grow in the shade with little effort.

     If you’re growing herbs in pots then make sure there is plenty of drainage so you don’t drown all your hard work. Use soil based compost, this is quite important. It is also a good idea to feed your plants with a balanced fertiliser. Just another thought, I think it’s a good idea to water your plants in the morning rather than the evening, we all prefer a drop of water during the day to stop us drying out.

     You can put the seeds straight into your pots outdoors. Or alternatively, you can start them off indoors in trays. When planning where to put your herb pots, remember, if possible, to place them by a wall to protect them during the winter months. Also think sun and scent. Growing them close to the kitchen, makes it easy to snip some leaves when and as you need them. Also, they will surprise you with a wonderful aroma of natural smells.

      Many herbs will flower and attract bees; this is another wonder for your newly created garden.

      Just a little note or two...

      Herbs are the basis of all modern medicine. Tomorrow, I will write a few remedies for you to keep a note of.

      I also grow herbs and lettuce in empty bean cans on my windowsill, at our home for waifs and strays. This amuses my kind and unassuming husband and also many of the guests we have.

It’s late now. Thank you for calling. Pop in again tomorrow if you have the time!