12. Apr, 2014

The butterfly never lands on the hand that grasps it!

Just before we begin, I have opened a new page 'Grown from Home' which will have lots of tips about growing herbs etc and what to do with them. I will also post tips about keeping hens and a wildlife pond. Enjoy tonight's bedtime story....and thank you for calling in..Jill


She opened her eyes and looked around. She was alone on the shiny green leaf with the sun shining down.  

      ‘If you don’t do something,’ someone shouted, ‘you will certainly die and never become a beautiful butterfly!’

      She turned her head and saw that the voice belonged to someone on another leaf close by.

      ‘But I don’t want to die,’ she answered crossly, ‘I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been left here all alone with no instructions, none whatsoever!’

      ‘To begin with,’ he answered, trying not to laugh, ‘my name is Lanto. And no-one arrives here with a set of instructions,’ he tried to sound serious. ‘It’s supposed to come naturally...well to most caterpillars.’  

      ‘Well I’m not natural,’ she said sulkily, ‘You see, I haven’t even got a name.’

      Lanto laid back on the shiny green leaf and thought. He tried to think of an appropriate name for this rather alluring caterpillar. He was sure that she would one day be the most beautiful butterfly he would ever see.

      ‘Your name is Anwen!’  said Lanto excitedly. ‘It means very beautiful and that’s what you will be...one day soon.’

      ‘I like it,’ said Anwen proudly. ‘And you will be a handsome butterfly too.’ 

      ‘Now listen to me carefully,’ said Lanto. ‘You need to make yourself a tent.’

      ‘A tent?’ said Anwen curiously.

      ‘Don’t ask any questions now,’ said Lanto with a hint of fear in his voice. ‘Time is running out and you need to protect yourself. Now listen to my instructions.’

      Lanto explained to Anwen what she had to do in order to become a butterfly.

      ‘You must place a leaf around you and spin a silk thread to hold you in.’   

      ‘But I’m frightened,’ cried Anwen. ‘I don’t like the dark!’

      ‘Hurry, please Anwen,’ begged Lanto, ‘It is too dangerous for you to wait any longer. Now I promise to be here when you emerge as a butterfly.’     

      Anwen took one last look at Lanto, before she locked herself inside her tent. She was about to cry when she heard Lanto sing.

     ‘I’m not far away,’ shouted Lanto, ‘I shall keep you company.’ And this is what he did until they both emerged as beautiful butterflies.

     ‘Anwen was the perfect name for you,’ said Lanto stretching his wings whilst admiring her.

     Anwen blushed.

     ‘Come!’ shouted Lanto as he flew from his leaf. ‘Come with me to the home for waifs and strays.’