15. Apr, 2014

So that is where you are!

 It was quiet in the room where I was writing today. Normally I can see lots of things going on at our home for waifs and strays, but not here in the kitchen. I needed to settle down to do some serious writing. Remember that gap I told you about on my bookshelf? The one I’m saving for my very first grown up novel. Well, unless I give it my full attention, there will always be a gap.

     But try as I might, I missed the goings on that I can see from my usual spot. I missed gazing up at the seagulls that constantly swoop by my window and the hens clucking away down by the pond.  And I missed my kind and unassuming husband who was working on an old boat. There was nothing to see but the old range cooker and jars upon jars of rather strange things I have pickled. They didn’t hold my attention for long so I put my head down and told myself to get on with it.

      I must have made a thousand cups of tea (slight exaggeration, but not much) and ate a load of yummy chocolate!  I wrote and edited and wrote some more but something wasn’t quite right. Then it happened!

      I could hear my kind and unassuming husband’s voice long before I could see him. I looked up and knew in an instant what had happened...and I laughed.

      As you can see from the picture (there was no time for me to paint or sketch today) they sought me out!  Just like the shepherd seeks his sheep, the hens sought their mistress...something like that! Despite the fact they had found their way into the allotment area, I was delighted to see them. And I’m sure, that the feeling was mutual. After a wee bit of fuss and a few fresh grapes, they were coaxed away from the forbidding area.  

     All of a sudden I felt lighter and writing came easier. I am blessed I thought, in more ways than one! They came and that was all I needed.