17. Apr, 2014

Mobile home for waifs and strays!

Today’s tale is coming from Britain’s smallest city, St Davids in Pembrokeshire. Made a city in the 16th centuary but lost this status in 1888. However, Queen Elizabeth restored this in 1994.

     Anyway, enough history for the moment, what started off as a day out has ended with a sleep over in our old campervan. Thankfully, we have friends who wanted a sleep over at our home for waifs and strays, so everyone is cared for.

      So I settle down to write, as my kind and unassuming husband fights with the cooker to muster up some kind of evening meal.  Judging by the sound and smell of things it is something rather tasty out of a tin. But enough of that! Let me tell you a little about where we are.

      I am looking across the sea, so rich in nutrients that it attracts whales, dolphins, seals, porpoise and so much more. There is such an abundance of wildlife on and around the necklace of tiny islands which I can see from our old campervan. The beaches are sandy and beautiful, just like the Gower Coast where we live and the coastal paths lead to many curious coves and caves and ancient churches.

      My attention is brought back to the ‘kitchen’ where the cooker is now off and the plates are full of..... well, I’m not quite sure, but it smells rather yummy. So I had better end this rather unusual tale from the campervan from the home for waifs and strays and sample the local cuisine? Then off to find an old pub in which we can talk about our day and what adventure to go on next.