18. Apr, 2014

Home again!

     It’s been a long day travelling back from St Davids and making stops along the way. Each stop was like a tiny adventure, finding treasures for our home for waifs and strays.

    By the time we arrived back, the old campervan was packed with all sorts of strange things. Some were required items like bales of straw, hen feed, bird feed etc but then there were plants (many of them) and rickety old chairs which I will paint, to brighten up the kitchen and a basket for logs. And last but not least, was the item I found hardest to bypass my kind and unassuming husband. This was a large wooden box, once used for someone travelling to India, many, many years ago probably more than that!

     ‘I have many boxes, I know,’ I said to my kind and unassuming husband who was standing in the shop shaking his head, ‘but I haven’t got a box that can tell a story like this.’

     He made it quite clear that the box couldn’t talk. He was also curious as to how I would know what stories it could tell?

     I huffed and puffed just like a Welsh dragon does and told him about the life he had missed by not having an imagination. I instantly regretted saying that, because my kind and unassuming husband really does have an imagination, but not one as stretchy as mine.

      Anyway, I explained that the old box had survived the years (100 or more) and that the mystery was engrained, like the initials, in the old wood. I added that it had also travelled more than most people and in a boat that no longer existed. We just had to have it! But he still wasn’t convinced. I had to try harder.

      ‘I can write about it in tonight’s tale.’ I said excitedly.

      That seemed to do the trick. The box was loaded on the camper and now sits in the kitchen, waiting for a more permanent place in our home for waifs and strays.

       Thank you my kind, kind, patient and kind and unassuming husband, for understanding the importance of a very special box in which I will keep our very special memories! Breakfast in bed for you tomorrow, consisting of a freshly laid egg or two on freshly baked bread! Oh, and thank you for that old milk churn you said I couldn’t have because it wouldn’t fit in anyway.....It’s being delivered next week!