19. Apr, 2014

A picnic on the sea

The day began and ended with a glorious sun and a list full of chores. It also began and ended with a house full of people who had come to visit. But in the middle of it all, was a day to remember.

      ‘Let’s go on a picnic!’ I said, kicking off my wellies before entering the kitchen. ‘The hens are fed and watered and so are all the plants.’

       Everyone smiled and agreed. Even my kind and unassuming husband, who had a list full of jobs, nodded his head.

       ‘A boat trip,’ I suggested excitedly, ‘around our beautiful Gower coast to Worms Head.’

       So it was settled and soon we had packed a picnic enough to feed  the hens for a week. It seems that everyone that comes to visit us at our home for waifs and strays develops an enormous appetite, even the people who eat very little prior to their visit.

        I could see the worried look on my kind and unassuming husbands face and reassured him that there wasn’t enough food to sink the boat. So off we set to our mooring.

        We chugged along the spectacular Gower coast where the fields roll down to meet the cliff edge. The sea below was as calm as a millpond and above was a sky speckled with seagulls. A perfect day for a picnic!

        I pointed out old and new landmarks, including the tallest building in Wales. This is situated in Swansea Marina and has a restaurant on the top floor. From here, you can see for many miles.

       Passing by the village of Mumbles we saw the new lifeboat station at the end of the pier. Ironically, the coastguard station which is built into the rocks close by is due to close in 2015, despite being one of the busiest in the UK.

         We waved to Phil the Fish as he passed by on his trawler. The smell of his catch caught the attention of the gulls that stalked him eagerly. I covered my nose with my hand as the smell was rather fishy!     

          Passing Caswell Bay, Langland Bay, Pwll Du Bay and Hunts Bay, brought back memories. These white sandy beaches I had played on with my father during the long summer evenings when I was a child. There were caves, hundreds of them, cut into the rugged cliffs which lined this beautiful coastline, down as far as Rhossili. And, of course, there was Worms Head, our picnic destination.

          Streching out from the land and rising up from the Atlantic Ocean, this huge rock emerges (in my opinion) like a gigantic turtle. However, my kind and unassuming husband does not agree with me and says it is just like its namesake, a worms head. I cannot see it myself but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

          So we turned off the engine and anchored. Out came the picnic and everyone settled down happily to eat. Me, well I just couldn’t resist yet another photo opportunity. Even the smell of home baked bread filled with cheese and pickles couldn’t tempt me away. And then I saw what I had come for, a seal.  

          It emerged gracefully from the water and held my gaze for just a brief moment. But that moment was enough.

          We chugged back in silence, watching the late afternoon sun glisten on the water. For me, there could never be a more perfect place to live!