22. Apr, 2014

Magical moments!

As I sit at my desk and start to write to you, I am so distracted by an owl right outside my window...It’s hooting away in the darkness and I’m just mesmerised. I’m so delighted but too afraid to move from my position for fear I should frighten it. So I shall pause for awhile, switch off my lamp and just enjoy the moment....

A moment later...

That was magical....and when I switched the lamp back on, who do you think I saw? Slip the slug! ‘Out you go young Slip,’ I said gently, and opened the door and sent him on his way. Now back to our evening tale.


The visitors have gone and the home for waifs and strays has a strange sense of loss about it. But they’ll be back again soon, so no time to waste and lots of work to do in preparation for summer.

     My kind and unassuming husband and I spent the day organising the allotment part of our home. Potatoes and onions were planted and so were lots more vegetables and herbs. Wild flower seeds were scattered around the pond and paths were checked over and cleaned. But before all that, there was an awful lot of preparation. Now this is something my kind and unassuming husband insists upon. If it was left to me, then I would surely cut corners.

      Over the last few years, we’ve been composting every single thing suitable and it’s paid off. The door was opened on one of the three large containers (compost bins) and the black rich compost was dug out. This black gold restores vitality to depleted soil and it’s a wonderful alternative to chemicals. So for those of you who are interested, I shall soon post ‘how to compost’ over on my grown from home page.

       Having a rest from all the digging and planting, we took a look at an old summerhouse near the pond. It has a tiny fire inside and a pile of old furniture and books. It’s in need of repair and a good coat of paint I thought, and at the same time I imagined all the things I could turn it into. It could be a room for doing my art, or writing, or sewing, or reading, or meditation. I almost forgot about my kind and unassuming husband.

         ‘We could turn it into a beach hut,’ I said excitedly. To which he replied that I should think about it over the next week or two because I was sure to change my mind.

          So I will think about it and let you know what it will eventually  become. But for now, it is later than you think, so I’ll say goodnight and hope to see you here again tomorrow.