23. Apr, 2014

The Time Snatchers are back!

The Time Snatchers hit me hard today. So many things to do and people I needed to see. And when I eventually sat with the hens for awhile, I could see that they also suffered the time problem.

     Taking a break in our garden for waifs and strays is usually the kindest part of the day. I wondered down, with my cup of tea, to the pond where the cherry trees bloom. I sat on an old seat that once belonged to a very dear friend and I waited for the girls.

      Staring into the clear water, I saw a floating city packed with tadpoles and newts. All were vying for food or a place to bask in the sun speckled water. Pond skaters whizzed in and out the lily pads like mini space ships. It looked hectic and not at all laid back like one would imagine

      Then along came the hens, chuckling all the way. I sighed, a sort of comforting sigh as I always do when they’re close by. I noticed that Twilight was missing yet again and guessed she was brooding on her nest. If this continues, then I guess we could quiet possibly see at least one new chick in three weeks time.

       As I sipped my sweet tea, I studied these little characters and it soon became apparent that just like the newts and the tadpoles, hens vied for time.  They squabble over worms and snails in an attempt to fill their bellies before the golden hour that stalked us.

      The only animals that weren’t vying for time were our three fat cats. Or were they? They had come down off their 4 o’clock bed and were stretched out on the porch. There was nothing unusual in this, I must tell you, as they seem to do it every single day at the same time. Within minutes, they head for the gate and wait for my kind and unassuming husband to return home.

      So the time snatchers enter the lives of most of us animals. We try to out beat them, and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. I succeeded today but I almost didn’t!