5. May, 2014

Time to relax...

The house for waifs and strays was hive of activity all day. The hens watched with curiosity, the comings and goings of many strange people and some not so strange. Though I have to say, most people are strange that visit us but in a nice way of course. Anyway, in all the chaos nobody, including myself, noticed that something was different. Something had changed in the garden.

     There were many hands on deck, repairing and painting the old boat. There was a lot of laughter and a few silly jokes here and there. Cups of tea were ordered and delivered, and fresh egg sandwiches were eagerly devoured. And all the time, the sun shone! And all the time we still hadn’t noticed.

     I planted a few sunflower seeds in pots, as these are my kind and unassuming husband’s favourite 'happy faces' and the hens love the seeds when the heads go over. I watched for a moment, our friends at work. How lucky were we? I thought.

     Above the table, where I later stood potting up some geraniums, the wisteria hung from the pergola. Unopened flowers would soon become a beautifully scented, palate of purple, a heaven for vulnerable young birds. I turned and looked towards the pond. It looked different somehow.

     ‘There is something different about our garden,’ I said to my kind and unassuming husband. He stopped what he was doing and looked around. Then before he could say anything, I ran down to the pond in excitement. The leaves of the beech hedge had unfolded, revealing an enormous expanse of greenery. Bliss for birds. I smiled. But how on earth had I missed it?

       I couldn’t have wished to be anywhere else at that moment. I had it all.  But who knows what tomorrow will bring. I will probably dream of The Lake District, or Greece or perhaps dear old Ireland. But for the moment, I was happy to be in the garden at our home for waifs and strays.

       It is late now, and I have slipped a few logs on the fire and when I finish my tale for today, I will curl up with a book. Tomorrow is another day, without plans. But I can almost guarantee that every minute will be accounted for, just as always. Whether it’s digging in the allotment, or painting a shed or a boat, or cleaning out the hens, or just walking on the beach, we will certainly make the most of it.

‘It’s later than you think my friends, so enjoy the time you’ve been given.’