7. May, 2014

Lord Fragaria

The Romans thought I had medicinal powers, how right they were. I am also popular in Belgium, where they have a museum in my honour, in a place called Le Musée de la Fraise.  I have a part to play in reducing heart disease and certain cancers and I’m related to the Rose family and smell just as sweet. Who am I? My name is Fragaria, (my scientific name of course) Lord of the Strawberries.

      Let me tell you a little secret, I am not a true berry. You see, true berries wear their seeds on the inside of their coats. Not me, I am rather unusual, inasmuch as I wear my seeds on the outside. Did you know that I am the only fruit that does this? How clever am I?

      Some like to pickle me (ugh!) and some eat me fresh. After all, I am low in calories and high in vitamins C, K, B6, potassium, amino acids and folic acid. How amazing am I? And would you believe that some people eat me when I’m green and tart! Oh, just the thought of it makes me quiver!  Now If you have to eat me at all, then please wait until I am bright red and juicy. I have to say, that I am rather sweet then too.

        Once you have made a home for me in a pot or in the ground, I will surprise you with fruit for up to five summers, if the birds don't beat you to it. But please let me sleep in the winter. It is not too much to ask.