14. May, 2014

A day in my life...

Being at home on a sunny day is bliss! Being at home in the kitchen, drawing, writing and baking all at the same time is even more bliss! But being at home in the garden and doing all of those things is heaven. I just wish there were more days like this. But then again, would I get any serious writing done? I think perhaps I would, with a little bit of discipline.  

      And so I was up and out in the garden earlier than usual. There is something so different about letting the hens out when the sun is shining. They instantly embrace the day with gibberish chatter and a bit of gentle exercise. But there was one wee hen that didn’t want to join in. This was Twilight! She is still broody and hoping for a chick of her own. Any day now, we will have to make the decision of whether or not to adopt a day old chick and slip it under her. This is a big decision, too big for such a sunny day.

       So I planted out the broad beans. This is probably the only vegetable I don’t eat. Well, I will eat it if it’s on the plate but not without a fuss. But my kind and unassuming husband enjoys them with a passion so I gained some brownie points....not that I need points, but I really would like a wee chick for Twilight.

       After checking my e-mails, I made a cup of sweet tea and settled to do some writing. I have almost finished another book, after months of editing and already working on another but my mind as usual, wonders off in a tangent. I am quite positive, that if I didn’t have such a busy and sidetracked head, then I would have written a hundred books by now.

       So the day is almost done and I have drank many a sweet tea and written and edited many words. I have painted in the park and been to an art gallery with a friend. And although this is not a bedtime story, it is a day in my life at our home for waifs and strays.