17. May, 2014

Sleeping or Waking?

How strange it is looking out of the window at the darkness thinking I am writing a bedtime story for you to read, when in actual fact you are probably just waking up and enjoying a cup of sweet tea. Well, wherever you are, thank you for taking the time to pop in to see me.

     I often wonder who you are and where you’re from. I looked through my list of followers earlier and discovered you could be anywhere in the world, and I mean anywhere. You seem to come from all around the globe. How amazing is that? I feel quite humble to think that perhaps some of you read my tales. I write them just before going to sleep. So they are hardly ever edited (I’m sorry!) and I never know what I’m going to write about until I settle down to type. Sometimes I’m tired but the urge to write is often greater than the urge to sleep. And I have started something so I will have to finish it.

      As I sit looking out at the darkness that blankets the village I live in, I will often hear an owl in a tree down by the pond or the cry of a cat prowling through the lanes. Cows will sometimes moo in the fields and sheep will give the occasional bleat, but the cry of a fox is the only sound that scares me. It’s the biggest threat to my innocent hens that sleep peacefully close by. Thanks to my kind and unassuming husband, they are as secure as they can be but I will never feel safe knowing the fox is prowling outside.

       So what is it you can hear, or see, on the other side of the world? You must wake up to so many different sounds. I guess some of you live in cities so indeed, the hoot of an owl is replaced by the hoot of a car. And the smell of the dew on the grass is replaced by the smell of bakeries and coffee houses and dusty sidewalks. Then when the evening comes, you have the electric stars to guide you as you hurry along the streets. Well, whoever you are, wherever you are, I wish you all a good morning or is it a good evening? Or as they say in my beloved Wales, Bora da! or Nos da!