22. May, 2014

Music in the mountains!

‘Yassas! Hello!’

     With its magical Mediterranean atmosphere, we arrived on Kefalonia. This unique Ionian Island has a certain ambience, especially in late spring and early summer. A wee bit of heaven, my kind and unassuming husband called it, as we headed north towards the picturesque harbour village of Fiscardo. I quite agree!

      ‘What a difference a day makes,’ I said as we made our way through an army of Cypress trees growing up from the mountains. My kind and unassuming husband nodded his reply, trying hard not to hit one of the numerous goats that grazed on the mint, the fennel and the wild thyme.

      ‘It’s no wonder that feta cheese is so good!’ I said, not really waiting for an answer. ‘And look at the size of those bells, hanging around their necks!’

       He stopped the car and for a moment we sat in the heat, mesmerised by the sound that echoed around the mountains. One could easily mistake the clanking of the bells for music and each bell a different note. You really should hear it to believe it. And all the while, the smell of the herbs and the pine, pervaded through the breathless air.

        Back on the narrow and twisting roads, we were eventually greeted by our over excited friends. After a cup of sweet tea and a sticky sweet cake we made our way to our own wee bit of heaven. This is a simple and clean room, with its own kitchen and a veranda but to us it feels like paradise. It overlooks a tranquil sea where the critically endangered Monk Seals visits from time to time. And in the distance, the magical island of Ithaca stares back at us.

I hope to see you again tomorrow with a tale from another home for waifs and strays, right here on this island!

Kalinychta, goodnight!